We’re always looking for models to showcase our permanent makeup procedures and record the daily healing process and after  healing results, and the best part is the treatment will only be $350, including second session within 6-8 weeks after.

The model must compromise and agree to come to the studio everyday for 10 minutes, the first 8 days after the treatment to have the area of treatment photographed and to record the healing process. After that the model must come between 4-6 weeks  for a touch-up, and one time 20 days after the  touch up session once the treated area is completely healed for about 10 minutes.

Please be assured  all model procedures will be performed by a professional and qualify permanent makeup artist only, not  a student. The professional Permanent makeup artist will ensure you achieve the desired look  you want. This is a great opportunity to receive quality permanent makeup at a significantly reduced cost!

Become a model for the following:

  • Powder brow

  • Ombre brow

  • Hairstroke brow with machine (better for oily skin and longer lasting strokes)

  • Microstroking (microblading)

  • Upper and lower eyeliner (only lash enhancements with student)

  • Lip Blush and Lip blend

  • Aerola repigmentation

Please Note

  • We do require a $100 deposit upon booking to secure your place. (Venmo)

  • You will need to plan to be here for 3 hours depending on the treatment.

  • You must not be pregnant and follow all pre care instructions and aftercare.

  • You must have no previous permanent make up unless discussed first with Dunia Ghabour.

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