MICROBLADING A technique using a super-fine pen to deposit pigment into skin, simulates hair strokes, providing a very natural look A  great way to create fuller brows, but if your skin is tends to be more oil, then opting for one of the other treatments is better. While microblading is common for most, it's definitely better for those that have normal to dry skin, as the pigment will hold better. ​

POWDER BROWS for individuals who have also over plucked their eyebrows and no longer have brow hair growing back.  Powder Brows is also for a candidate that may have a shiny or somewhat oily skin type. Individuals who have an oily t-zone or perspire more will find that the microblading treatment won’t last as long on their skin type, which is why it’s important to discuss skin type with your microblading artist prior to choosing a treatment.  is the trendy and fashionable brow of the season, similar to the look of the trendy Thi service can be customized as Ombre – from light to dark – the  Ombre Brow is a manicured brow that is defined, bold and fashion-forward. It’s definitely for the individual that follows and stays true to each changing fashion trend. The Ombre look is also for those that have oil, natural, dry, or combination skin.

MICRO-FEATHERING is a form of microblading shaping is a method that's all about a natural, fluffy-looking brow.  Pigment implanted into the skin resulting in an incredible natural-looking 'eyebrow hair. Unlike microblading, which typically creates most of the brow for you, we use your existing brow hairs as the "starting base" and simply fills it in as needed. may seem like a new trend, it’s been around and is for those that have full brows, but may have gaps requiring fewer microbladed hair strokes. Candidates likely already have full brows, but have gray spots or gapping areas and Micro feathering simply fills in those areas to create an overall complete and defined look. 


HYBRID Combination of Microblading/Microshading it'’s the best of both worlds! Microblading and micro shading you'll get a dense and defined brow, but it stays really natural looking as well. This combination method works on every skin type and for those that want to add the Ombre Brow on top of this look can do so easily. 

NANO BROWS are a semi-permanent makeup treatment for the eyebrows that creates the look of extra natural volume, fills in sparse patches, and modifies the shape of the arches into your dream brows.

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