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Dunia Ghabour is a New York based Makeup Artist, Hair Artist and Permanent Cosmetic Technician over 10  years. Born in Brazil, Dunia  has spent most of her time living in New York where she embraced her natural ability of being artistic through her cultural background.

She was honored to have studied and mentored in the field of Makeup Artistry under the most esteemed and award winning Makeup Artist in the industry in both Hollywood and New York City such as Merrel Hollis, Michael Spatola and Randy Westgate.​

Dunia has acquired professional experience through a wide array of projects including beauty, high fashion, sfx, print, body makeup and working with many actors and celebrity clients. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Solstice, Salyse, Vibe, Ellements and Latests  Magazine.


With her background as a Makeup Artist, her skills sets for effortless permanent makeup enhancements. She has an innovative, adept, and intuitive mind that is capable of understanding and interpreting client needs with a real focus on personalized attention. Her experience in Makeup, Microblading, Nano Brows, Lash Line Enhancement and Lip Blush allows her to provide knowledgeable advice using the most advanced tools and techniques to transform the inconsistent results of yesterday into a subtler, natural look. 

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