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Lip Blush is a great alternative to fillers or surgery or it can be done in conjunction with these procedures. Lip Enhancement is a subtle approach to a fuller lip using naturally toned pigments to blend and shade within the natural lip line. Whether it is the lip design, shape or color you are interested in, we can help you with the choice of either rich definition or subtle shading. View Gallery

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On the day of the procedure an anesthetic is applied to the lips before the artist begins the consult and design process. Generally, a deeper colour is chosen for the outline and then a creamier, softer version with almost no colour in the very centre. This gives the illusion of a ‘pout’ although it is important to note that you can never make the colour tone of your lips lighter.

As the micropigmentation is healing the pigment will deepen in colour so it is best to plan your procedure around any important events such as weddings, birthday parties or important business meetings. If you are unsure please check with your consultant before booking.


This is a two-step appointment process treatment and It’s essential that you understand and follow both pre-care and after-care instructions to achieve the best results. The procedure area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated. Procedure should involve very minimal pin-point bleeding. Therefore these instructions are designed to limit skin sensitivity/bleeding during procedure and to obtain optimal pigment retention. Excessive bleeding will dilute both numbing and pigment drastically affecting your ability to numb and to achieve overall results. LEARN MORE ABOUT PRE CARE & AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS

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